Hanušovická vrchovina (HV)

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The Hanušovická Highlands are the Czech Republic’s lowest situated thousand-meter high range. Only one peak of the Hanušovickás exceeds this limit by a mere three meters and most of this range does not even reach 800 meters above sea level. The spacious highlands consist of a system of ridges and valleys, with rock formations in some areas. The rocks are primarily crystalline schist of the Paleozoic Era, covered in some places with sediments of subsequent ages. The river Morava and its tributaries run through the center of this area. The landscape is very diverse, from populated, cultivated and industrialized lowlands to uninhabited forest ridges. The closest thing to what we can call a mountain is located in the northwestern part of the Hanušovická Highlands, in the almost completely forested Branenská Highlands. Here is the range’s only thousander, Jeřáb, along with a few other peaks (Bouda, 956 meters above sea level; Kamenec, 914 meters; and Čečel, 839 meters). Due to their lower elevation, the snow pack is inconsistent and poor. Nevertheless, every ski season there are a few weeks when cross-country skiing through the empty forests is a very enjoyable experience. Other seasons are also peaceful and one can travel through the Hanušovická Highlands for hours without being disturbed.


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