Novohradské hory (NH)

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The Novohradské Mountains are flattish range in the south of the Czech Republic, by the Austrian border. On the Czech side they are girded by the Novohradské Piedmont and are part of the Šumava region. The geology is dominated by granite and gneiss. The outer slopes are steep; almost all of them of fault origin, scored deeply by creeks. The central area is level with remnants of flattened surfaces and has shallow valleys with numerous peat bogs.Most of the mountains are forested with spruce, in some places the original beech-fir growth has been preserved (Žofínský Prales National Nature Reserve). For many years they have considered declaring this region as CHKO (protected landscape area), but it has not happened as of yet. The forced evacuation of the population from this area after World War Two has left its mark upon the landscape. The meadows with fruit trees are overgrown; the ruins of the buildings in villages once full of life are but a sad memory to relatively recent times. Of this fact one is best reminded when looking at the cultivated land which is situated literally a few meters beyond the border, in Austria. On the Czech side of the Novohradské Mountains, 5 main thousand-meter high peaks await the Thousander, headed by Kamenec (1,072 meters above sea level). The Austrian side of the range (Freiwald) is higher in elevation and richer in thousanders – it has total of 14 thousand-meter high peak, of which the highest is Veihberg (1,112 meters above sea level).


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