Orlické hory (OH)

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The Orlické Mountains are a relatively uninterrupted chain of mountains, forming a 50 kilometer long natural border between the Czech Republic and the Polish region of Kłodzko. The range is the highest at its northern end (the Deštenská Highlands); the central (the Mladkovská Highlands) and southern parts (the Bukovohorská Highlands) are lower and are divided by the deep cuts of the rivers Divoká and Tichá Orlice. A typical feature of the Orlické Mountains is the distinct slopes and the flattened summits. From a geological point of view, it is a range of faulted, asymmetrical domes.The climate of the mountains corresponds to its elevation and a relatively reliable snow pack allows for the pursuit of winter sports, for which the peaks are ideal.Since 1969, this area has been declared a CHKO (protected landscape area), the main goal being the protection of the contiguous forest belts. In the years after, these areas were considerably damaged by pollution and the devastation was completed by the bark beetle. For the time being, the newly planted forests are in a reasonable condition, and therefore the ridges will be soon covered. All 11 thousanders in the Orlické Mountains are concentrated in the northern part, and a fit tourist will be able to easily do them all within a single day. The highest peak is Velká Deštná (1,115 meters above sea level), situated near the spine of the Orlické Mountains – along the red-marked Jiráskova trail. The only permanently settled place on the ridge is the village Šerlich, elsewhere one can easily find a quiet corner. During bad weather (fog, strong wind) their remoteness can be treacherous, and therefore this “small” range (the eighth highest in the Czech Republic) should not be underestimated.


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