The Czech, Moravian and Silesian Thousanders

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As every Czech learns at school, the highest Czech peak is Sněžka in the Krkonoše Mountains. But if asked what the second highest peak is, or the names of the highest peaks of other individual ranges, or how many mountains in the Czech Republic exceed one thousand meters, it is not likely that they would be able to answer. Besides answering these questions, the Czech, Moravian, and Silesian Thousanders Project provides ideas and tips to hikers for scaling each of the thousand-meter high peaks. Also available are books and maps, published especially for the project, and an internet website,

The Czech, Moravian and Silesian Thousanders found its inspiration in the British Isles. Mr. Hugh Munro, geodesist and huge lover of mountains, after many years of work, published “Tables of the 3000ft mountains of Scotland” in 1891. From the beginning, he believed that his work would inspire subsequent generations of tourists. He did not know that with his idea he would start a new tradition, and that his name would be inseparable from and synonymous with this practice. All the peaks which Munro described are named after him. Even now, after more than one hundred years, more and more new followers come to the harsh, but beautiful Scottish mountains to conquer the Munros.

The Czech, Moravian and Silesian Thousanders are not yet a one hundred year tradition, having existed only for a few years. Despite this, the thousanders have become an attraction for many tourists, and some of them have even already been able to scale all the one-thousand meter high peaks in the Czech Republic. Join the ranks of the Thousanders!


Actual photos

Pavel Blazek (December 2023)

Pavel Blazek (December 2023)

Pavel Blazek (December 2023)


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